Reading Test Type (Modern)

Reading Test Type (Modern)
Product Code: SNT-301-M
Price: £21.40

This laminated card is not intended to replace the traditional version (SNT-300-L), rather to compliment it. This Test Type addresses the new requirements and needs of today’s patients. The differences are as follows: 



       The type face is modern Arial. This is more in line with type faces used with computers and print in general. The Times New Roman is featured on SNT-300-L. 

       The tests start with larger print sizes, progressing down to the smaller text to prevent discouragement of the patient. 

        The largest text has been separated and appears on the reverse of the card for low vision patients. 

        The musical staff has been reduced to a more realistic size. 

        Numerals have been introduced to help with non-English readers and illiterates. 

         A section of typical computer presentation has been added at a size consistent with a 15” monitor screen. 

         The print size go down to N4.