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Bulb for Perkins Hand Held Tonometer
Code: SFS-450-B
Bulb for Perkins Hand Held Tonometer..

Disposable Tips for I-Care Tonometer (Pack of 100)
Code: SFS-455-D
Disposable Tips for I-Care Tonometer (Pack of 100)..

Perkins Examination Telescope P.E.T
Code: SFS-450-T
The Perkins Examination Telescope (P.E.T) is an accessory allowing magnified viewing of the fluorescein ‘semi-circles’ at arms length improving comfort for both patient and examiner. It also permits two people to view simultaneously and i..

Perkins Hand Held Applanation Tonometer MK3
Code: SFS-450-P
The Perkins Tonometer can be used where other types of Tonometer cannot. Post operative and bedridden patients in particular are difficult to examine by traditional methods or non-contact methods. The Perkins Tonometer is therefore a primary choice f..

Perkins Rechargeable Battery Handle
Code: SFS-450-H
Perkins Rechargeable Battery Handle ..

Perkins Recharging Unit (for use with SFS-450-H)
Code: SFS-450-R
Perkins Recharging Unit (for use with SFS-450-H)..

Tonopen Battery
Code: SFS-452-TB
Tonopen Battery..

Tonopen Covers (150 PK)
Code: SFS-452-TC
Tonopen Covers (150 PK)..

Tonopen XL Tonometer
Code: SFS-452-T
This unique Tonometer utilises micro strain gauge technology and a 1.5 mm contact area. The tonopen is gently tapped on the cornea to obtain four independant measurements. The unit displays the average of the four readings along with a statistical co..