Near Vision Tests

Near Vision Tests

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Maclure Reading Test Type for Children
Code: SNT-323-M
This reading test has been specifically designed for children, including the very young. Each age has been given a grade, numbered 1 to 7, so that even if a child's reading ability is not equal to the average age, it can still be recorded by the grad..

Reading Test Type (laminated)
Code: SNT-300-L
Reading Test Type (laminated) ..

Reading Test Type (Modern)
Code: SNT-301-M
This laminated card is not intended to replace the traditional version (SNT-300-L), rather to compliment it. This Test Type addresses the new requirements and needs of today’s patients. The differences are as follows:      &nb..

Hamilton-Veale Contrast Sensitivity
Code: SSV-284-H
The Hamilton-Veale Contrast Sensitivity Test is an inexpensive and convenient method of contrast sensitivity assessment enabling quick and valid results to be obtained. This test can be used to monitor a decrease in the contrast sensitivity func..

Reading Test Type (non-reflective )
Code: SNT-300-LNR
Reading Test Type (non-reflective ) ..

4 Page Faculty Reading Test Book
Code: SNT-303-F
4 Page Faculty Reading Test Book as approved by The Faculty of Ophthalmologists. Specimens of print sizes as follows:  N.5   N.6   N.8   N.10   N.12   N.14   N.18   N.24   N.36   N.48 ..

ADT Adult Dyslexia Test
Code: SNT-482-ADT
  This is the first and only test of its kind to determine specific eidetic and phonetic coding problems in dyslexic adults. The high coding demands of this test avoid the “ceiling effect” common to other dyslexia tests designed for primary..

Bailey-Lovie Reading Sentence Chart
Code: SNT-318-B
This new set of Bailey-Lovie 2019 reading chart follow the design principles from the original Bailey-Lovie. The Bailey-Lovie principles ensure that the visual task remains essentially the same at each size level.  That is, from one size..

Child's Recognition and Near Point Test
Code: SNT-321-CR
Symbols easily recognizable by children such as a hand, birthday cake, horse with rider, bird, telephone and car are illustrated in these paediatric near point test. Image sizes representing 20/180 down to 20/20 are illustrated on 7 lines. For use at..

Collenbrander Low Vision Card
Code: SNT-401-1
Collenbrander Low Vision Reading Card.  The card contains proportionally spaced reading segments in LogMar increments ranging in size from 10M to 0.6M in Times Roman Font.  From 4M onwards, two sets are provided to avoid memorization.  ..

Continuous Text Near Vision Card
Code: SNT-404-1
Continuous Text Near Vision Card with cord to maintain proper viewing distance. For viewing at 40cm (16in) ..

Curpax Near Vision Reading Test
Code: SNT-319-C
The Curpax Near Vision Reading Test has text in the range N5 to N48. The following text is included: Reduced Snellen Test Type.  Industrial Test.  Stock Market Report.  Telephone Directory.  Sheet Music.  Numeral Test. ..

DSF Dyslexia Screener for Young Children
Code: SNT-482-DSF
  This test kit provides a means of screening young children (4+ years old) for three basic dyslexia types: dynemkinetic (high frequency of number and letter reversals), dyseidetic (poor sight-word recognition) and dysphonetic (poor phoneti..

Freeman Near Vision Unit
Code: SNT-246-F
Freeman Near Vision Unit The NVU provides a complete subjective means of investigating the Near Vision refraction The general appearance of the unit can be seen in the illustration. It is in the form of a three side drum which is LED illuminated, an..

Hand Card 'E'/NV Test only
Code: SDT-341-H
Hand Card 'E'/NV Test only ..

Howell Phoria Near/Distance Pair
Code: SNT-873-N
A direct reading phoria measurement technique using vertical prism displacement. Designed by Dr. Edwin Howell BSc Optom PHD and based on the principle attributed to Prentice and Thorington. A horizontal row of numbers is doubled vertically by the pri..

IReST – International Reading Speed Texts
Highly calibrated for reproducible results across all languages Easy to use Easy to handle Easy to measure (by stopwatch) Easy to calculate (normal values and formula included)   Characteristics:  Set of 10 paragraphs o..

Jaeger Reading Test Type
Code: SNT-317-J
This test type is printed on four stiff plasticised pages in booklet form. Text runs from J1 through to J20 on three of the pages and there is a telephone directory and railway timetable on the fourth page.     Size: 21 x 14 cm ..

Kay Near Vision Card
Code: SNT-305-KR
Kay Picture Uncrowded Near Vision Test Card.   The cards are packaged in a handy plastic wallet for safe storage in between uses. ..

Kay Near Vision Card
Code: SNT-305-K
The Kay picture products are designed for testing vision of children and adults with learning difficulties. They utilise a series of specially developed images (based on Snellen letter principles) that are easily recognisable to pre-school ..

Laminated Reading Test Type for Bifocal Wearers
Code: SNT-300-B
Laminated Reading Test Type for Bifocal Wearers ..

Logmar Double Sided Near Vision Card
Code: SNT-210-6
Logmar Double Sided Near Vision Card ..

Logmar Single Sided Near Vision Card
Code: SNT-200-4
LogMar Single Sided Near Vision Card with cord to maintain proper viewing distance.   For viewing at 40cm (16in) ..

Mixed Contrast Near Vision Card - Logmar equivalent
Code: SNT-403-1
Continuous Test Mixed Contrast Near Vision Screening Card, complete with cord to maintain proper viewing distance. Mixed high-contrast and 10% contrast. For viewing at 40cm (16in) ..

MNRead Chart 1
Code: SDT-400-0
The MNREAD Acuity Charts are continuous text reading acuity charts for normal and low vision.   Often times traditional vision charts only measure general parts of normal vision, such as acuity and contrast. However, many times everyday li..