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Sussex vision for Amsler Chart, Bagolini Striated Lenses, Cardiff Cards, Catford Drum, Clip-on Occluder, Colour Tests, Cross Cylinders,Domiciliary,  Filter Bars, Fixation Sticks, Halberg Clips, Lens Confirmation Tests, Maddox Phoria Measure, Maddox Wing Test, Near Vision, Occluding Spectacles, Optician Starter Kit, Optokinetic Drum, Paddle Retinoscopy Rack Set, Prisms & Prism Bars, Refracto-Rack, Stereo Tests, Trial Frames, Trial Lens Sets, Trial Lens Spares

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3 Lens Confirmation +/- 0.25D
Code: SGR-251-0.25
3 Lens Confirmation +/- 0.25D..

3 Lens Confirmation +/- 0.50D
Code: SGR-251-0.50
3 Lens Confirmation +/- 0.50D..

3 Lens Confirmation +/- 0.75
Code: SGR-251-0.75
3 Lens Confirmation +/- 0.75..

3 Lens Confirmation +/- 1.00D
Code: SGR-251-1.00
3 Lens Confirmation +/- 1.00D..

6D Prism for use with Howell Cards
Code: SDT-873-P6D
6D Prism for use with Howell Cards. Prism shown is "base down" but other orientations can be supplied if specified at the time of order. ..

Amsler Chart Manual
Code: SGR-234-A
Amsler Chart Manual. An essential tool for visual screening purposes. It has been designed to disclose changes in the macular and foveal areas which may difficult, or in some cases impossible, to detect by other means. A full set of instructions desc..

Area Centralis Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-616-A
The Volk Area Centralis Lens is excellent for critically evaluating and treating sub-retinal neovascularisation and changes from macular degeneration, retinal vascular occlusions, diabetic macular edema, proliferative diabetic retinopathy and other r..

Bagolini Filter Bar
Code: SGR-951-N
The Bagolini Filter Bar is used to investigate the depth of suppression in patients with amblyopia up to the age of 7 years. This instrument consists of a series of red filters of increasing density from very pale to very dark. This decreases the ill..

Briefcase (Leather) Trial Lens Set Reduced Aperture
Code: SGR-204-A
Briefcase (Leather) Trial Lens Set Reduced Aperture..

Budget Cross Cyl +/- 0.25D
Code: SGR-253-0.25
Budget Cross Cyl +/- 0.25D..

Budget Cross Cyl +/- 0.50D
Code: SGR-253-0.50
Budget Cross Cyl +/- 0.50D..

Budget Cross Cylinders (pair in case)
Code: SGR-253-0.25/0.50
Budget Cross Cylinders (pair in case)..

Budgie/Noddy Stick - Fixation Bar
Code: SGR-238-F
An ideal orthoptic aid specifically designed for children’s fixation during the prism and cover test and other orthoptic assessments. It has attractive coloured pictures on one side and two reduced test types and a passage of N5 reading type on the r..

Cardiff Contrast Test for Infants & Adults
Code: SGR-955-C
The Cardiff Contrast Test is designed for contrast sensitivity measurement in toddlers, young children and adults with intellectual impairment or communication difficulty. Contrast sensitivity is the difference in visual properties that makes some..

Case only for Cross Cyls.
Code: SGR-249-C
Case only for Cross Cyls...

Catford Drum
Code: SGR-283-C
It has been problematical to decide how much a baby or young child can see; a subject for speculation for many years. In the young, where subjective results are unobtainable or unreliable, a method of objective examination must be used. Optokinetic n..

Chart Pad (50) for Amsler Chart Manual
Code: SGR-234-C
Chart Pad (50) for Amsler Chart Manual..

Charts for City Colour Test
Code: SGR-230-CH
Charts for City Colour Test..

Children's Occluding Glasses - Blossom
Code: SGR-238-FLO
Occluding Glasses will help expedite Paediatric exams.  Solid construction, with quick flip-up lens on each side.  Frame measures 11.5 cm hinge to hinge.  Suitable for use with 2 – 6 year olds...

Children's Occluding Glasses - Frog
Code: SGR-238-FRO
Occluding Glasses will help expedite Paediatric exams.  Solid construction, with quick flip-up lens on each side.  Frame measures 11.5 cm hinge to hinge.  Suitable for use with 2 – 6 year olds...

City Colour Test Edition 3
Code: SGR-230-C
The City Colour Test Edition 3 is a 2-part test that includes a quick screening option.   Part 1 involves spotting colour differences: on each page four colour samples surround a central spot and the patient must identify the sample which m..

Clip-on LED Lapel Fixation
Code: SGR-238-LED
These clip-on LED targets provides a very focused fixation.  They twist on to work.  Spring loaded back has silicon button to hold in place.  Can even be used as ear cuffs.  Each uses 2 x AG3 watch batteries.  4mm diameter.&n..

Clip-on Occluder
Code: SGR-245-C
Clip-on Occluder ..

Colour Test for Children - Matsubara 10 plate
Code: SGR-225-C
Colour Test for Children - Matsubara 10 plate..

Cross Cyl. in Plastic Frame 0.25D
Code: SGR-250-0.25
The frame and lens are made from the finest materials  - the glass is spectacle crown with diamond engraved powers. The frame is plastic, lens  diameter 36mm ..