Dispensing Rules

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Code: SDW-505-A
The ABDO Rule is an extremely useful and veratile tool with the following frame measurement capabilities: Front of Rule:   Interpupillary Distance (Lower scale for right handed person, upper scale for left handed person) Horizontal..

Bi-Nasal Frosted Occluder
Code: SDW-666-8
Bi-Nasal occlusion is used in treatment of patients with acquired brain injury which includes traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke, double vision, amblyopia, esotropia, convergence excess, divergence insufficiency, and visual over-stimulation/conf..

Facial Measurement Gauge
Code: SDW-502-F
This gauge has been designed to facilitate the selection, specification and the final setting of spectacle frames and mountings. Developed at the City University, the scales have graduations in units that correspond to the accuracy required or attain..

Fluorescent Lamp for SDW-512-U
Code: SDW-512-FL
Fluorescent Lamp for SDW-512-U..

Frame Rule (City Rule)
Code: SDW-504-C
The City Frame & Lens Rule (sometimes known as the Serelo Rule) was designed at the City University, London. This rule can measure the following aspects of frame and lens parameters:            Angle of crest. ..

Freeman Occluderule in Pouch
Code: SDW-503-FO
The Freeman Occluderule is produced from a flexible non-shrinking plastic. This versatile tool can be used for the following:     Pupilliary Distance (Frame and Facial) Distance Between Lenses (Frame) Inside and Ou..

NP Rule and WD Measure
Code: SDW-280-N
N.P. Rule and W.D. Measure..

Code: SDW-514-P

RAF Binocular Gauge/Rule
Code: SDW-235-R
This instrument is used for determining the objective and subjective convergence points and examining the accommodation. It is also able to determine the master eye.      This instrument is used for determining the objective and subjec..

Romanes Occluder
Code: SDW-501-R
This simple all purpose occluder is a useful trial case accessory. Although used primarily as an occluder it may also be used for a simple assessment of visual acuity and for the cover test. One side of the occluder has a scale graduated in mm fo..

Spectacle Occluder
Code: SDW-279-S
This Spectacle Occluder is made of high impact resistant plastic and features a multiple pinhole flipper that can be moved out of the way to observe the eye. The angled handle keeps the patient’s hand clear of their face. Can be sterilised with any n..

Temple Width Caliper
Code: SDW-500-T
This device is also known as a Head Width Gauge and is used for measuring head and temple width. It is a very useful tool for the fitting of custom frames and some rimless spectacles. Made from compressed PVC, this instrument is very neat a..

Translucent Rule
Code: SDW-515-T
This useful occluder effectively prevents the patient from seeing through whilst at the same time allowing the observer to study eye movements behind it. In addition, the following scales feature on the handle:  Rule in mm (0 to 110)  ..

UV Lamp (Brewster or Woods Lamp)
Code: SDW-512-U
This lamp is also known as a Brewster or Woods Lamp. It incorporates both ultra violet and white light which are operated via a switch on the handle. No warm up period is required with this lamp. The housing is made from sheet aluminium which is..

UV Lamp for SDW-512-U
Code: SDW-512-UVL
UV Lamp for SDW-512-U..