About Sussex Vision

Welcome to Sussex Vision International supplier and manufacturer of equipment for the Optometrist, Eye Doctor, Refractionist and Dispensing Optician

Sussex Vision

Sussex Vision Optical Equipment, Ophthalmic Instruments and Optometry Supplies serving the optometrist, eye doctor, refractionist, dispensing Optician, optical wholesaler and distributor, eye care, optometric and gemological industries.


At Sussex Vision we have designed and produced our own range of illuminated test types to cover all acuity testing requirements. We manufacture:

1. 3m and 6m Illuminated LogMar Cabinets with a vast range of charts available (100% contrast and various contrast sensitivity charts).
2. Illuminated Slimline Cabinets incorporating Snellen tests and standard tests.
3. Domiciliary Test Types supplied on their own or as part of a kit inside a briefcase or pilot case. All our test types are non-reflective, and sets can be customised to suit individual needs.


Our range of Trial Lens Sets include both reduced and full aperture. The sets come in either wooden or leather cases, supplied in either metal or plastic rims to suit all applications and budgets. Vertex Distance Gauges and Trial Frames (Oculus/Sussex Vision) can be supplied to complement these sets, as well as Damato Fieldscreeners.


We can supply any prescription telescope, mounted in one of our standard frames, within 24 hours even with a patient overlay correction. We also offer daylight lamps, magnifiers both conventional and electronic.


Sussex Vision are manufacturers of the Maddox Phoria Measure, Vertex Distance Gauge, Temple Width Calipers and a unique range of Near and Distance Vision Tests. We have Ophthalmoscopes, Retinascopes, Schematic Eyes and much more. We supply sports vision, paediatric and optical dispensing equipment and carry a comprehensive range of Volk Lenses.

In summary, we are a company offering a wide range of equipment used in the optometry marketplace.  Amongst our vast collection, we also offer products from many other larger optical companies, and are the sole European Agent for Precsion Vision in the States.  

More recently Sussex Vision has been appointed a distributor for Heine products.