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Area Centralis Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-616-A
The Volk Area Centralis Lens is excellent for critically evaluating and treating sub-retinal neovascularisation and changes from macular degeneration, retinal vascular occlusions, diabetic macular edema, proliferative diabetic retinopathy and other r..

Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-625-D
The Volk Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens has unique glass surface curves and coatings optimised for the visible spectrum to reduce glare and reflections during general diagnosis and slit lamp photography. This lens provides a high resolution view of t..

Digital High Mag Volk Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-611-D
The double aspheric glass optics of this Volk lens provide enhanced imaging and the low dispersion glass reduces chromatic aberration for extremely high resolution retinal imaging. High magnification provides topographical views of the nerve fibre la..

Digital Wide Field Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-621-D
The Volk Digital Wide Field Lens combines exceptional wide field views and magnification. The enhanced double aspheric design and multi layer coating provide high resolution stereo views of the retina through a small pupil, with minimal reflecti..

Four Mirror Gonio Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-624-F
The Four Mirror Gonio Volk Lens features four precisely angled 64 degree mirrors to deliver complete view of the anterior chamber with slight rotation. This standard fluid design (flanged glass contact element) provides a stable platform during laser..

Quadraspheric Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-615-Q
The 130 degree Quadraspheric Volk Lens has grown in popularity since its introduction in 1989 as the preferred wide field fundus laser lens. Its sleek 28.6 mm diameter housing provides a definite advantage over competitive wide field lenses for ..

Steady Mount for Volk Lenses
Code: SVL-612-M
This lens positioning instrument mounts directly on the slit lamp allowing your Volk lens to be universally positioned, tilted and angled with accuracy and ease for both left and right eye fundus viewing. Excellent for routine examinations as well as..

Superfield 66 Volk Lens
Code: SVL-620-S66
This stereo fundus volk lens is specifically designed for high resolution/high magnification viewing of the central retina. Its enhanced 3D stereoscopic design enables discernment of subtle macular and optic disc detail, making it ideal for dete..

Superfield NC Volk Lens
Code: SVL-619-S
The Superfield NC Volk Lens has become the standard for slit lamp fundus diagnosis by today's discriminating practitioner. It's 0.76x magnification and wide field of view make it perfect as the primary high resolution slit lamp fundus diagnostic..

Superpupil XL NC Volk Lens
Code: SVL-622-S
The Superpupil XL NC Volk lens provides the widest pan equatorial fundus view of any non-contact lens available, with over a 100 degree field visible in a single view. The wide field/high resolution optics allow detailed inspection of the poster..

Three Mirror Gonio Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-623-T
This Volk Gonio lens incorporates 3 mirrors angled at 60, 66 and 76 degrees and is ideal for anterior chamber as well as central and peripheral fundus viewing and treatment. The retinal viewing mirrors are accurately angled and spaced to eliminate "g..

Transequator Lens, Volk
Code: SVL-617-T
The Transequator Volk Lens is designed for focal laser therapy and mid-to-far peripheral fundus diagnosis. Its unique optical design presents a realistic contour of the retinal concavity, offering an impressive wide-field view of the entire posterior..

Volk Lens 20D Clear
Code: SVL-602-20D
This lens is perfectly corrected for field curvature, astigmatic aberrations and coma - delivering the best retinal image of any 20 dioptre lens on the market. Its advanced double Aspheric design further maintains linear image magnification and perfe..

Volk Lens 25D Cear
Code: SVL-603-25D
This excellent mid-power lens provides median field magnification, with an ideal diameter for grip and manipulation within the orbital area. Field of view: 52/68 degrees Image magnification: 2.54x Working distance: 38mm Primary applicatio..

Volk Lens 28D Clear
Code: SVL-604-28D
This lens provides exceptional resolution and fundus scanning capabilities.  Excellent for small pupil diagnosis and treatment. Field of view: 53/69 degrees Image magnification: 2.27x Working distance: 33 mm Primary application: Smal..

Volk Lens 30D Clear
Code: SVL-606-30D
This lens is designed to provide the practitioner with a wide field of view with a shorter working distance and is excellent for use with small pupils. Field of view: 58/75 degrees Image magnification: 2.15x Working distance: 30 mm Primar..

Volk Lens 60D Clear
Code: SVL-607-60D
The 60D lens provides the highest magnification of the non-contact slit lamp lenses and is ideal for detailed disc and macular viewing. The 31mm  ring diameter facilitates easy handling within the orbital area. Field of view: 68/81 degre..

Volk Lens 78D Clear
Code: SVL-608-78D
This double aspheric 78D lens is an excellent general diagnostic and laser treatment lens offering an ideal 0.93x image magnification and wide 97 degree dynamic field of view. It is optimally designed for use within the range of motion of all sl..

Volk Lens 90D Clear
Code: SVL-610-90D
This lens features a small 26 mm diameter ring design which is outstanding for dynamic fundoscopy. Its double aspheric optical design expands the usable viewing field beyond that of competitive designs. This lens has good small pupil capabilities, ma..

Volk Lens Pan Retinal 2.2 Clear
Code: SVL-600-P22
The Pan Retinal 2.2 Volk Lens combines magnification similar to that of the 20D lens with a field of view approaching that of the 30D lens. Ideal for almost all examination procedures, including small pupil examinations.    Field of v..