Near Vision

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IReST – International Reading Speed Texts
Highly calibrated for reproducible results across all languages Easy to use Easy to handle Easy to measure (by stopwatch) Easy to calculate (normal values and formula included)   Characteristics:  Set of 10 paragraphs o..

Maddox Twirl, Chrome Frame, Clear
Code: SGR-246-MCC
Maddox Twirl, Chrome Frame, Clear..

Maddox Twirl, Chrome Frame, Green
Code: SGR-246-MCG
Maddox Twirl, Chrome Frame, Green..

Maddox Twirl, Chrome Frame, Red
Code: SGR-246-MCR
Maddox Twirl, Chrome Frame, Red..

Maddox Twirl, Plastic Frame, Clear
Code: SGR-246-MPC
Maddox Twirl, Plastic Frame, Clear..

Maddox Twirl, Plastic Frame, Green
Code: SGR-246-MPG
Maddox Twirl, Plastic Frame, Green..

Maddox Twirl, Plastic Frame, Red
Code: SGR-246-MPR
Maddox Twirl, Plastic Frame, Red..

MNRead Chart 1
Code: SDT-400-0
The MNREAD Acuity Charts are continuous text reading acuity charts for normal and low vision.   Often times traditional vision charts only measure general parts of normal vision, such as acuity and contrast. However, many times everyday li..

Radner Reading Chart
Code: SDT-938-3
The Radner reading chart is a highly standardized multilingual reading test system that was recently developed for clinical practice and research. During the past few years, it has become an international project; together with several universities d..