Ocular Lenses

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Ocular Latina SLT Gonio Laser
Designed specifically for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty. 1.0x magnification maintains laser spot size for accurate laser energy delivery. Tilted anterior lens surface corrects astigmatism to maintain circular laser beam profile and give shar..

Ocular Magna View Two Mirror Gonio
Code: SVL-OMV-2G
The Two Mirror Magna View gives unsurpassed image resolution and magnification of the anterior chamber angle. The 1.45x gonio magnification provides fine detailed viewing of the anterior chamber angle structures. The second mirror reduces the ..

Ocular Mainster PRP 165
Code: SVL-OMRA-PRP-165
Four mirrors plus a central axis view give a complete view of the interior of the eye. Unique "depth dots" mark each mirror at the base for easy orientation. One dot, 62° (anterior chamber angle); two dots, 67° (ora serrata); three dots, 76° ..