Filter Bars

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Bagolini Filter Bar
Code: SGR-951-N
The Bagolini Filter Bar is used to investigate the depth of suppression in patients with amblyopia up to the age of 7 years. This instrument consists of a series of red filters of increasing density from very pale to very dark. This decreases the ill..

Neutral Density Bar
Code: SGR-950-N
This bar is an assembly of optical filters of progressive densities providing a graduated system of dissociation. This is very useful to reinforce weak fusional status and can be used to measure Afferent Pupillary Defects (APD), also termed ‘di..

Overlay for Neutral Density Bar
Code: SGR-952-NO
This overlay filter is designed for use with the Neutral Density Filter bar (catalogue number SGR-950-N) and increases the density of all light levels by 1.8 log units.  ..