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Clip-on Occluder
Code: SGR-245-C
Clip-on Occluder ..

Combination Occluder
Code: SDW-519-C
This useful tool combines the following features:   Maddox rod.  Occludedr.  Red Lens.  Fixation Targets (1mm and 1.3mm)  Multiple Pinholes.   Millimeter Rule.   PD Rule.   Palpebral Scale.   Corne..

Eustace Pinhole Occluder
Code: SDW-507-E
This is a lorgnette style occluder with five pinholes for one eye. Reversible for use over the other eye. It also incorporates a pupillary distance rule and fixation spot.   ..

Everlasting Occluder
Code: SDW-511-E
This is a high impact resistant occluder which can be sterilised with most solvents or even autoclaved. Smooth contours make for easy cleaning. A very tough occluder.   ..

Freeman Occluderule in Pouch
Code: SDW-503-FO
The Freeman Occluderule is produced from a flexible non-shrinking plastic. This versatile tool can be used for the following:     Pupilliary Distance (Frame and Facial) Distance Between Lenses (Frame) Inside and Ou..

Headspring Occluder
Code: SFS-407-H
Headspring Occluder ..

Spectacle Occluder
Code: SDW-279-S
This Spectacle Occluder is made of high impact resistant plastic and features a multiple pinhole flipper that can be moved out of the way to observe the eye. The angled handle keeps the patient’s hand clear of their face. Can be sterilised with any n..