LogMar Chart Slim Cabinet - Sussex

LogMar Chart Slim Cabinet - Sussex
Product Code: SDT-392-LSV
Price: £846.30

This is a Slimline LogMar Cabinet manufactured by Sussex Vision. Prism reflection is employed to provide the necessary even illumination essential to contrast sensitivity testing. The cabinet has a slot at the rear for storage of up to 5 charts. There are a huge range of charts that can be used with this cabinet and all of these can be found under “LogMar Charts”.


This cabinet can be wall mounted or if height adjustment is required (114 to 155 cm), it can be mounted on a stand. The catalogue number for the

 stand is SDT-393-S  Please include this when ordering if required. 


Dimensions of the cabinet are: 70 x 66 x 6.5 cm.

Weight:  12k.