Distance/N.V. Domiciliary Test Type - IR Control

Distance/N.V. Domiciliary Test Type - IR Control
Product Code: SDT-368-IR
Price: £853.80

This unit embodies most of the tests used for domiciliary/home refractions. 

The distance tests are undertaken at 3m and comprise: Concentric Circles, Duochrome, Snellen 3/60 to 3/5 (equivalent to 6/60 to 6/5 at 3m) and optional D.F.D.U. 

The second side of the instrument is designed for near vision tests to be undertaken at 35cm and include: Near Fixation Disparity, Stereopsis Test, Supression Test, Oblique Tangent Scale, Bichromatic Test, Cross Cyl and Balance Chart. 

The unit has non-reflective surfaces on both sides and is controlled via an IR Remote Control. This unit is compact and lightweight and can be fitted in to a standard briefcase or supplied as part of the Domiciliary Kits manufactured by Sussex Vision. 

This instrument is durable and robust enough to withstand the rigours of home visits and reduces the number of instruments required. A comprehensive operation manual is supplied with every unit. 

Input 12 V 700mA DC, supplied via a plug adaptor. 


Dimensions: 34 x 30 x 3.2 cm.