COVID-19 Protection Box

COVID-19 Protection Box
COVID-19 Protection Box COVID-19 Protection Box COVID-19 Protection Box COVID-19 Protection Box COVID-19 Protection Box COVID-19 Protection Box
Product Code: ERL-AWB01
Price: £32.00

Protection Box with 10 face masks, 125ml disinfectant and 50 pairs of disposable protective gloves

Personal and foreign protection can be easy. With our "Protection Box" you have important tools to protect yourself against infection. With the mouth-nose protection you offer foreign protection. With a tight fit, you also protect yourself to a certain level. A handy disinfectant cleans your hands after contact with surfaces. Perfect for on the go. The disposable gloves protect against contact with surfaces. A great thing, especially while shopping. Secure your protect box now or as a give-away that really makes sense - security!

Face mask 3 layers:
10 pieces face masks with elastic ear loops.
The face mask is made of nonwoven fabric and is comfortable to wear.

Disposable gloves 50 pairs:

50 pairs of disposable gloves. Protect your hands from contaminated surfaces. The gloves are comfortable to wear.

Disinfectant for hand and surface disinfection 125 ml:
Eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses and mould!
Without alcohol works in a natural way by using salt and electricity.

for disinfecting hands after contact, mobile phone, tablet, toys, etc.
Particularly recommended against flu viruses, risk of infection with bacteria.
Practically in a small format which can be carried all along.

The disinfectant has the following properties:
- Vegan
- Skin-friendly
- without animal testing
- Free of enzymes
- Petroleum and palm oil free
- Genetic engineering free
- without microplastics
- without Laureth Sulfate (SLS)

Approved for disinfection of all classes (1-5) according to the EU directive.

Water 99.69%, sodium chloride 0.26%, sodium hypochlorite 0.05%, 100% pH neutral anolyte from water, salt and electricity, without chemical additives-