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Sussex Vision equipment for the Optometrist, Eye Doctor, Refractionist and Dispensing Optician Exophthalmometer, Focimeters, Frame Heaters, Placidos Disc, Pupil Distance, Selvyt Cloth, Stereograms, Vertex Distance

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Code: SDW-505-A
The ABDO Rule is an extremely useful and veratile tool with the following frame measurement capabilities: Front of Rule:   Interpupillary Distance (Lower scale for right handed person, upper scale for left handed person) Horizontal Lens Size Ve..

Bulb for SDW-528-S
Code: SDW-528-B
Bulb for SDW-528-S..

Combination Occluder
Code: SDW-519-C
This useful tool combines the following features:   Maddox rod.  Occludedr.  Red Lens.  Fixation Targets (1mm and 1.3mm)  Multiple Pinholes.   Millimeter Rule.   PD Rule.   Palpebral Scale.   Corneal ..

Dinosaur Test Stereograms (pack of 10)
Code: SSV-865-D
Dinosaur Test Stereograms (pack of 10) These are used for the treatment of binocular vision, accommodative directionality and tracking anomalies.  Instruction booklet provided...

Eustace Pinhole Occluder
Code: SDW-507-E
This is a lorgnette style occluder with five pinholes for one eye. Reversible for use over the other eye. It also incorporates a pupillary distance rule and fixation spot.  ..

Everlasting Occluder
Code: SDW-511-E
This is a high impact resistant occluder which can be sterilised with most solvents or even autoclaved. Smooth contours make for easy cleaning. A very tough occluder.  ..

Code: SDW-555-EX
This superior and inferior orbital rim based instrument measures the position of the globe accurately even after lateral orbitotomy, i.e. post tumour removal or thyroid decompression. Easy to use, fast reproducible results and comfortable for the pat..

Facial Measurement Gauge
Code: SDW-502-F
This gauge has been designed to facilitate the selection, specification and the final setting of spectacle frames and mountings. Developed at the City University, the scales have graduations in units that correspond to the accuracy required or attain..

Fluorescent Lamp for SDW-512-U
Code: SDW-512-FL
Fluorescent Lamp for SDW-512-U..

Frame Heater - Practice Model
Code: SDW-544-F
This is an elegant and near silent automatic frame heater for the practice area for adjustment to frames in a quiet, efficient manner. The cup has been designed for best results and concentrates heat where it is needed. The cup can be removed if requ..

Frame Heater - Workshop Model
Code: SDW-540-F
This is a sturdy frame heater for prescription glazing and frame adjustments. The cup has been designed for best results and concentrates heat where it is needed. The cup can be removed if required. There are two heat settings as well as a cool air s..

Frame Rule (City Rule)
Code: SDW-504-C
The City Frame & Lens Rule (sometimes known as the Serelo Rule) was designed at the City University, London. This rule can measure the following aspects of frame and lens parameters:            Angle of crest.  ..

Freeman Occluderule in Pouch
Code: SDW-503-FO
The Freeman Occluderule is produced from a flexible non-shrinking plastic. This versatile tool can be used for the following:     Pupilliary Distance (Frame and Facial) Distance Between Lenses (Frame) Inside and Outside Eyesize (..

Handy Lensmeter
Code: SDW-529-H
This instrument is similar in appearance and design to the now discontinued Pentax Lensmeter. This lensmeter is extremely good value for money and is ideal for domiciliary work. Measurement range is +/15D and the cylinder axis is 0 to 180 degrees.&nb..

Luedde Exophthalmometer
Code: SDW-557-LEX
  Fastest, easiest and least expensive method for measuring exophthalmos. By sighting at right angles, this device eliminates parallax and allows the clinician to measure the amount of protrusion or bulging eye from its orbit.  Prisms are..

NP Rule and WD Measure
Code: SDW-280-N
N.P. Rule and W.D. Measure..

Code: SDW-514-P

Placido's Disc
Code: SDW-543-P
The hand held Placido Disc is the easiest and most practical device for assessing corneal topography. It comprises a circular disc with a series of alternating black and white concentric rings with a central viewing lens. The patient’s cor..

RAF Binocular Gauge/Rule
Code: SDW-235-R
This instrument is used for determining the objective and subjective convergence points and examining the accommodation. It is also able to determine the master eye.      ..

Romanes Occluder
Code: SDW-501-R
This simple all purpose occluder is a useful trial case accessory. Although used primarily as an occluder it may also be used for a simple assessment of visual acuity and for the cover test. One side of the occluder has a scale graduated in mm for in..

Selvyt Cloth
Code: SDW-282-SC
The Selvyt Cloth is a very high quality cleaning/polishing cloth designed specifically for the optical market.    Size: approx 51 x 53 cm    ..

Spectacle Occluder
Code: SDW-279-S
This Spectacle Occluder is made of high impact resistant plastic and features a multiple pinhole flipper that can be moved out of the way to observe the eye. The angled handle keeps the patient’s hand clear of their face. Can be sterilised with..

Stenersen Frame Gauge
Code: SDW-560-SG
This is a precision gauge designed to:  ·          Accurately measure and pre-mark the horizontal datum line of a spectacle frame ·          ..

Sussex Lensmeter UX1
Code: SDW-528-S
This unit is elegant in both appearance and engineering. It is ideal for domiciliary use with the following specifications:      Measurement range +/- 25D (in steps of 0.125D over 0 to +/-5D), 0.25D (over 5D)  Cylindrical axis 0 t..

Sussex P.D.Meter
Code: SDW-542-S
This instrument is used to measure pupil distances accurately without parallax errors. Operation is quickly and easily understood, readings are taken fast with minimal inconvenience to the patient and practitioner. Readings are displayed digitally: t..